Achilles International Pikes Peak Chapter

For over 25 years Achilles International programs, staff, and volunteers have been changing the lives of disabled athletes around the world. In the process, our lives have changed as well. We share in the achievement of each first step taken, each race run, and each disabled athlete powering a wheelchair towards the finish line. Together we find inspiration and celebrate accomplishments.

Funds raised support many roles in our organization including advertising in the form of our “Purple Majesty” t-shirts, flyers and expo materials so that we can continue to recruit team members at local races, our athlete transportation fund for team members who are not able to drive, and for the purchase of our own equipment like a recumbent trike and hand cycle for our athletes to use at workouts and races.

Each donation is greatly appreciated and directly allows Achilles International Pikes Peak Chapter to continue to operate free of charge. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.