Achilles International Pikes Peak Chapter

Why Run With Achilles?

  • People join Achilles for many reasons and with many goals: to improve physical strength, to build confidence, or to help someone achieve their dream, and all of our members and volunteers work hard to achieve them.
  • But something else happens at Achilles that few expect, but everyone cherishes. It is the sense of friendship, encouragement, and community that people find with Achilles. In training and racing together, disabled and able-bodied athletes learn to support each other and focus on what brings them together, rather than what might keep them apart.
  • Achilles welcomes new athletes and volunteers every Monday night, no need to pre-register, and it’s free!!
  • Our athletes and their stories are truly what make us great. We are former Olympic qualifiers who have had spinal cord injuries. We are Boston Marathoners, who are visually impaired and are now training for the Pikes Peak Marathon. We are cyclists who have had strokes but have found freedom in pedaling recumbent tricycles. We all encounter limitations that can seem big. But you know what? Our dreams are bigger!

Looking for a winter running/walking group to stay motivated?

  • Look no further!  Our runners and walkers are out every week!  Whether you are looking to be inspired or just stay in shape- Achilles is for you!